Practical Examples

Chemical filtration
Mono Ethylene Glycol “Fibre Grade”
Contaminated with Hydrolic Oil
10.000 metric tons
Antwerp, Belgium

During an annual Petrochemical conference, where all producers and traders are meeting their clients a parcel MEG arrived in Antwerp to discharge her cargo for one of the attendants of this conference.

Unfortunately, the cargo was contaminated during discharge with hydraulic oil, due to a malfunction in one or more ships cargo pumps. After discharge it was ascertained that product was failing on UV parameters and appearance. Market at that time was short, and for obvious reason it brought the cargo owner in a difficult position, as he could not comply with his delivery commitments. Alternatives like swapping or substituting the product on short term were not available. During the conference we we were approached to investigate the possibility to rectify this product as soon as possible, as clients’ needs to deliver this product to fulfil his commitment towards receiver. After we tested the received samples on feasibility for an on-site treatment, we were able to reply positively to our customer.

Within two days we were operational on-site. The rectifying process started on a Friday, and over the weekend we were able to produce around 400 metric tons of sound product. This enabled our customer to start his deliveries by tank containers the following Monday. During the following weeks we continued our process, and within two weeks the whole parcel had been rectified to a Fibre Grade quality.

After completion, the total invoice for this on-site treatment was equal to around 1.5 % of the product value. But more important, our customer could avoid commercial issues with his clients, as he was able to comply with his delivery commitments.