Practical Examples

  • No demurrage for discharging, which entailed in significant cost savings!
  • All parties involved (recipient of the product/product owner/vessel owner) were very satisfied with this solution.

Particle filtration
Off spec on particle contamination
1000 metric tons
Chennai, India

On a hot summer day in August 2013 MarTest received a phone call to reprocess a parcel of approx. 4000 metric tons of ortho-xylene. The Parcel was loaded in Rotterdam area and multiple tanks on board of vessel found to be off spec on particle contamination. Vessel was intending to discharge the product in India. In order to discharge the product without any demurrage, all parties involved decided to store required filter equipment on board of the vessel when still located in Rotterdam area.

During voyage a method statement including task risk analysis was issued and forwarded to all parties involved. Vessel owners gave permission to perform filtration upon arrival in India. A few days before arrival at Chennai harbour, India, two MarTest operators travelled to India in order to be on site for filtration operation during discharge. Together with vessel responsible persons one stainless steel 6-inch particle filter unit was connected to manifold of vessel using certified stainless steel y-piece connections.

During filtration a flow rate of 200 m3/h was achieved. As only 5 ships tanks (+- 1000 t) found to be off spec total discharge time using MarTest filter took approximately 5 hours.