A short view of our highlights

  • New 20ft scrubber unit MC-JNH2-001

    September 2017

    MarTest Cambrian proudly presents: new 20ft scrubber unit MC-JNH2-001

    • We are pleased to introduce our brand new  and fully certified stainless steel 20ft scrubber unit with an improved volume of 8000 liter and a filling capacity of 6800 liter, meaning we are able to treat large parcels in less time!
      A big advantage for our valued customers who wisely choose for experience, knowledge and professional equipment!

    MarTest Cambrian, excellence in on-site filtration!

  • MarTest Cambrian on-site filtration services & filtration equipment rental - New generation Particle filters!

    June 2017

    MarTest Cambrian proudly presents its new generation of particle filters.

    - Filter Type : MCPF-52-SS316 - DN150/PN16
    - Material : Stainless Steel 316
    - Max. Allowable Pressure : 12 Bar
    - Test Pressure : 18 Bar
    - Allowable Temp : 150 °C / -50 °C
    - Flowrate up to : 400m³/hrs

    Fully certified!

    Stainless steel frame with:
    - integrated fork-lift slots for save positioning and transport
    - Lifting brackets for safe lifting

  • Launch of new homepage and corperate brochure

    June 2016

    We have refurbished our existing homepage and designed a new company brochure, which can be downloaded on this homepage.

  • ISO 14001 certified

    May 2016

    We are proud to announce that MarTest Cambrian Group has been successfully audited by AJA Registars for ISO 14001 accreditation.

    As from May 2016 our offices worldwide are certified according to OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and SCC-Petrochemical.

    For more information please visit our HSEQ page

  • New filterunit ready

    July 2015

    After constructing our new big unit MC-JNH the desire for identical smaller units units became true!

    For more info, please visit our ‘equipment’ page.

  • New building

    April 2015

    As per 1st of April MarTest Cambrian Europe has moved to an new building!! Our new location in the Europoort Rotterdam gives us the required storage space for all equipment and meets the increasing demands of environmental regulations.

    Our new office also has and fully equipped laboratory where we can test products for the possibilities of rectifying/purifying products.

    New address: Dintelweg 89 B, 3198LB Europoort-Rotterdam
    Phone number: +31 (0)10-4721335

  • New filterunit MC-JNH-001 ready!!

    March 2015

    After an intense period of development and construction we proudly present you: our new generation of filters

  • Successfully audited by AJA Registars for our OHSAS 18001 accreditation

    June 2013

    We are proud to announce that after a period of hard working our company has been successfully audited by AJA Registars for our OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

    OHSAS 18001 is a British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems. OHSAS 18001 is concerned with the hazards and risks to occupational safety and health connected with an organization’s operations. It is widely seen as the world’s most recognized occupational health and safety management systems standard. In June 2013 our company has also been re-audited for our VCA** Petrochem accreditation. Also this audit performed by bureau Veritas has again been successfully completed.

  • VCA** Petrochem accreditation

    Aug 2010

    After very hard working our company has been audited successfully by bureau Veritas for our VCA** Petrochem accreditation. VCA certification is common in contractors world, but Petrochem which has started only in 2008 is the highest standard what can be achieved.

  • NEW LOCATION, Again due to our growth there was a need to re-allocate ourselves.

    August 2009

    We moved from LBC terminal to a building with considerable larger office space and wharehouse. We could also double our laboratory space in this new builing.

  • HOUSTON office and warehouse

    Februari 2008

    HOUSTON office and warehouse. A new division gave birth in Houston under the name of MarTest Cambrian (USA) Inc. Her first successful reprocessing activities have taken place of 6,300 metric tons methanol, off-spec on chlorides from Storage Shore Tank to an empty and clean receiving Shore Tank.

  • SINGAPORE office and warehouse.

    August 2005

    SINGAPORE office and warehouse. A new division gave birth in Singapore under the name of MarTest Cambrian (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Her first successful reprocessing activities have taken place of 3,000 metric tons gasoline off-spec on colour, by means of In-Tank circulation.

  • A new name “MarTest Cambrian (Europe) B.V.”

    Juli 2005

    A new name “MarTest Cambrian (Europe) B.V.”. After getting in contact with Mr. John Minton, managing director of the Minton Treharne & Davies Group, and partner of Cambrian Marine Reprocessing (www.minton.co.uk) it became more than clear, that both parties – MarTest & Cambrian – shared mutual interests and future goals. Time was the main issue, in setting up a new bounded international organisation.


    Oktober 2004

    NEW LOCATION. In a short period it became clear, that is was primer in having access to better storage- and handling facilities. For that reason MarTest Reconditioning B.V. moved to LBC storage terminal (former DOW). This enables her, to respond faster to any inquiries where to allocate an Off-Spec cargo, should it occur in the port or area of Rotterdam.

  • MarTest Reconditioning B.V. a new division gave birth.

    Oktober 2003

    MarTest Reconditioning B.V. a new division gave birth. After establishing MarTest (Holding) BV, business grew to such an extend, that a separation in activities was desirable.

  • Since 2000 - MarTest B.V.

    Year 2000

    Since 2000 - MarTest B.V. is established and founded by Henk Köpp in Rotterdam-Hoogvliet. It was his opinion that providing solutions directly at the location were the distressed material is stored, would give a different approach and benefit to the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

    During his inspection careers, he realised that, in cases of contaminations, there were not too many options available to solve problems on location at once. Either the product had to be re-distillate, downgraded, blended or sold to a considerable lower price. In all those cases the off-spec material had to be moved physically again. With this awareness and with his experience, a technique for all kind of reprocessing activities is developed.