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Sometimes you may be faced with an off-spec cargo, despite strict operational procedures practiced by transportation, production and storage companies. A problem that needs to be resolved - preferably fast, cost-effective and most importantly: safe!

Although ‘Downgrading’ could be an option, the costs would be substantial. Distillation is another option, however, this may not be feasible due to the significant costs for transportation, storage and refining losses.

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New 20ft scrubber unit MC-JNH2-001

MarTest Cambrian proudly presents: new 20ft scrubber unit MC-JNH2-001

  • We are pleased to introduce our brand new  and fully certified stainless steel 20ft scrubber unit with an improved volume of 8000 liter and a filling capacity of 6800 liter, meaning we are able to treat large parce
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MarTest Cambrian on-site filtration services & filtration equipment rental - New generation Particle filters!
MarTest Cambrian proudly presents its new generation of particle filters.

- Filter Type : MCPF-52-SS316 - DN150/PN16
- Material : Stainless Steel 316
- Max. Allowable Pressure : 12 Bar
- Test Pressure : 18 Bar
- Allowable Temp : 150 °C / -50 °C
- Flowrate up to
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