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SCC-P is a usefull addition to the SCC* and SCC** in the high risk environment of the petrochemical industry.

MarTest Cambrian Group is proud to be certified according to SCC-P and in combination with our ISO 45001, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified procedures we try to offer our worldwide customers the safest and most efficient process possible


SCC has been developped by the Petrochemical industry itself, however in 2008 it has been decided that the introduction of a third level of certificaton was necessary.

The third level is SCC Petrochemical. SCC Petrochemical is applicable to organisations active in the Petrochemical industry as main contractor on larger high risk projects.

SCC Petrochemical is based on the same checklist als SCC * and **.

All compulsary questions (including new petrochemical specific additions) and at least 2 supplementary questions shall be covered.

Specific Petrochemical requirements are:

  • a proven implemented programm on active and structural control over HSE-awareness among the personnel on site;
  • Intensified tuning of HSE-plans (Method Statament/TRA) and communication of HSE-related documentation with the terminal/vessel/production plant
  • HSE-responsible on each project;
  • Execute trend analysis on deviations;
  • Formal check on sub contractors complying with the SCC requirements

"We believe: safety first!"


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