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Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Management

MarTest Cambrian's on-site filtration activities are performed by following SCC (VCA) Petrochemical, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certified procedures.

Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Management is an integral part of our business and coordinated daily by our QHSE team and advised by Higher Safety Expert (HVK)

MarTest Cambrian technicians on-site are professionally educated, trained, and certified, according to "SCC Full - Safety for Operational Supervisors".

Qualified MarTest Cambrian technicians will perform filtration activities with approved and certified equipment, tools, and PPE. All to ensure a safe working environment.

Every year, our company is certified through an internal and external audit. In addition, MarTest Cambrian operational team performs a safety consultation every week and QHSE related issues are discussed daily during our staff meeting and communication with our technicians on-site. All this to ensure that our safety management system is constantly evaluated and filtration activities are executed safely!

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MarTest Cambrian believes incorporate social and environmental responsibility! Our professional team carries out all filtration activities by ISO 14001 certified procedures, all measures will be taken to protect the environment.

  • All filtration activities will be performed in a close circuit with approved materials.
  • Equipment will be positioned in the contained area; in a drip tray / on a liquid-repellent floor or inside tank-pit.
  • Filtration will be performed using specially designed equipment, we can exchange saturated adsorbent emission-free!
  • We try to reduce consumables; advantageous for both our clients and to the environment
  • An authorized disposal company will dispose of all waste material following the client’s practice and where possible, we recycle!
  • MarTest Cambrian offices are designed with a focus on energy-saving and compensation of CO2 emissions; LED lights/Heat Recovery Installation/ Solar Panels/ efficient car fleet and in-house wastewater treatment
  • Last but not least: As other options, such as distillation, blending or downgrading will require additional transport and additional storage, On-Site filtration has proven to be the most environmentally friendly method of product recovery!



ISO 9001

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We as MarTest Cambrian believe in corporate social and environmental responsibility! Our professional team performed all filtration activities in accordance with ISO 14001 certified procedures, meaning that all...


"We believe: safety first!"


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