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Practical examples

We wish to emphasize that the below practical examples are based on actually performed filtration operations. No client and/or terminal data are described, as MarTest Cambrian handles all filtration operations as strictly confidential.

Particle filtration - ULSD (Ultra-low-sulfur diesel). Off-spec on appearance - 15.000 Metric Tons

Our valued customer contacted us with the request to reprocess a parcel of approximately 15.000 metric tons of ULSD (Ultra-low-sulphur-diesel).

A parcel was found to be off-spec on appearance and supposedly contaminated with water. Analysis, however, showed that the water content of this parcel was within specification, therefore MarTest Cambrian was requested to perform additional lab-filter tests and analyzed to examine the possibilities for onsite filtration/reprocessing of this parcel.

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  • On request of our customer MarTest Cambrian performed filtration activities 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
  • To treat this parcel of 15.000 - metric tons MarTest Cambrian operators were on site for approximately two weeks.
  • After completion of filtration total invoice for on-site filtration services was equal to 1% of the product value.

Particle filtration - O-xylene. Off-spec due to particulate contamination - 1000 metric tons - discharge in Chennai, India

  • No demurrage for discharging, which entailed significant cost savings!
  • All parties involved (recipient of the product/product owner/vessel owner) were very satisfied with this solution.

On a hot summer day, MarTest received a phone call to reprocess a parcel of approx. 4000 metric tons of ortho-xylene. The Parcel was loaded in Rotterdam area and multiple tanks on board of vessel were found to be off-spec on particle contamination. The vessel was intending to discharge the product in India. To discharge the product without any demurrage, all parties involved decided to store the required filter equipment on board the vessel when still located in Rotterdam area.

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Rectifying a parcel of 10.000 Metric Tons of Mono Ethylene Glycol “Fibre Grade” (MEG) from Hydraulic Oil

During an annual Petrochemical conference, where all producers and traders are meeting their clients, a parcel MEG arrived in Antwerp to discharge her cargo for one of the attendants of this conference.

Unfortunately, the cargo was contaminated during discharge with hydraulic oil, due to a malfunction in one or more ships’ cargo pumps. After discharge, it was ascertained that the product was failing on UV parameters and appearance. Market at that time was short, and for the obvious reason, it brought the cargo owner in a difficult position, as he could not comply with his delivery commitments. Alternatives like swapping or substituting the product in short term were not available.

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